Television Offers Closer Look at 8 Wellesley’s Design by IBI Group

Last month, we took all these first look at the marketing material for  8 Wellesley  Residences over Yonge , a new condo undertaking in Downtown Toronto from the yanks of  CentreCourt   and  Bazis . After getting a taste towards the  55-storey condominium tower’s trend by  IBI Association , more marketing visuals should be providing a  closer look at the drafting planned to rise steps from Wellesley subway station.

8 Wellesley | Residences at Yonge, CentreCourt, Bazis, IBI Group, Figure3, Toronto Looking northwest to eight Wellesley | Residences at Yonge, image courtesy CentreCourt/Bazis

A video for marketing firm Montana Steele highlights  the building’s signature architectural specs, capturing both the sloping east elevation that towers over Yonge—and designed in response to the City’s angular airplane requirements—while also capturing dramatic reviews of cantilevers and terraces on top of the floors just above ground level.

8 Wellesley Residences at Yonge is making ready to launch early this year. The moment complete, the building will offer 599 houses in this quickly-intensifying area of Downtown Toronto.   Suites in the building will be available in studio to three-bedroom cool layouts ranging in area from 315  ft² to 1, 300 ft².

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