Get Top Dollar with our Renovation Loan Program

Are you thinking about selling? Need some update or remodeling? I will loan you up to $25,000 to put towards those updates & renovations you’ve been putting off.

Here is how it works! We meet and discuss renovations, I’ll send — I loan you up to $25,000. Thee renovations help get TOP DOLLAR for your home and the money gets paid back at closing. No Interest. No Payments.

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Renovation Loan Program

  • Get a $25,000 interest-free for 90 days to update or renovate your home
  • I’ll need to approve the contractor & check referances
  • I will directly pay the contractor.
  • We agree to the what is being renovated and the total amoun
  • Seller agrees to have solicitor/lawyers register a 2nd mortgage forup to 12 months, interest-only after 90days term loan
  • Lawyers/Solicitors create a promissory note and sellers direction to solicitor to besigned prior to any contracts or commencement ofrenovations
  • The interest rate of 15 % per annum in the event the house is not sold or if the seller removes the home from the market
  • Commission rate to be 5 % plus HST (Buyer and Seller)
  • The seller must list the house with the Tony Sousa Realtor during the term of the renovation loan and during the term of the mortgage
  • Standard mortgage terms to be signed by the homeowner atthe time of acknowledging the loan and mortgage commitment

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