Announcement Roundup for March 19, 2021

Toronto is redrawing the dog’s map, creating 34 additional neighbourhoods — including another called ‘Ryerson’;   Suggested Yonge-North subway extension will definitely find fewer stations, above-ground levées in bid to cut bargains; Why Toronto housing is nearly to get slightly more affordable a couple of; and more news:

Toronto is redrawing its place, creating 34 new neighbourhoods — including one known as ‘Ryerson’ (Toronto Star)

Why Barcelone housing is about to get slightly more affordable for some (National Post)

Planned Yonge-North subway extension might find fewer stations, above-ground passages in bid to cut costs you (CBC News)

If CafeTO is beneficial dining on patios over Toronto, then why not ‘GroomTO’ to allow haircuts outdoors? (Toronto Star)

Long Branch residents move to save 160-year-old tree manufactured by destruction (Toronto. com)

$45K lease and no fans: Toronto’s Phoenix az Concert Theatre survives Covid but for how long? (CBC News)

What Toronto bars transformed to outlive the pandemic (NOW Toronto)