Up-to-date information Roundup for January 19, 2021

Despite outcry from residents and city, domain starts demolition at Eastern Undertvinge. heritage site;   Pandemic hard disks Toronto’s apartment vacancy rate in which to record high, report says;   Toronto office tower takes the fishing line to zero carbon; and more development:

Despite outcry from residents moreover city, province starts demolition available at Eastern Ave. heritage site (Toronto Star)

City gets possession of nearly 2, 000 complaints about human beings not wearing masks inside Toronto condos, apartment buildings (CP24)

Pandemic drives Toronto’s housing vacancy rate to record huge, report says (CBC News)

Feds support Toronto quickly affordable housing plan (Daily Commercial News)

Toronto location tower takes the road to hone carbon (Globe and so Mail)

BRADFORD OP-ED: Making 2021 Toronto’s year of the missing junior high (Spacing Toronto)