How to get listings in this super hot market

The real estate market is hotter than it’s ever been. But while there’s a lot of business to go around, competition between agents has also never been so fierce.

Top Canadian real estate agent and coach Craig Proctor, who was the No. 1 Re/Max realtor in Canada, has seen his share of sellers’ markets over the past 25 years.

“The specific media and mechanics may change,” said Proctor, “but the underlying strategies that agents need to embrace to dominate in a hot market like this are the same. You must have a very clear understanding of what your customer wants and be able to demonstrate to them that you can help them in a way that other agents can’t.”

What do sellers need in the current hot market and how can agents deliver that? After all, houses are selling in days, if not hours, often for hundreds of thousands over asking price. But here is the challenge: many “would be” sellers are reluctant to list their home for sale because they are afraid, with such low inventory, that they won’t be able to find their next home.

“This is a huge opportunity for savvy real estate agents,” said Proctor. “Find them a home and you will get their listing. So, in order to get their listing, you really need to understand them first as a buyer. The problem, of course, is that as a buyer they’re up against heavy competition. Every house on MLS is sold before they have a chance to make a serious bid. If all you’re doing is serving up what these buyers could access themselves through an internet search, you’re not really providing them any benefit or expertise and most importantly the buyer isn’t able to buy. Here’s what to do instead. We find out exactly what the seller prospect wants in their next home—number of bedrooms, what neighbourhood, etc—and then we assemble a list of off-market properties that match their criteria. How do we get the list of off market properties that match what our buyer is looking for? It’s easy, we do the opposite of what most agents do. Instead of advertising houses to get buyers to call us, we advertise the buyer and their criteria to get future sellers to call us.”

Homeowners who have homes that match what our buyer is looking for contact us and now our buyer finds the perfect home without competing with other buyers and we now get their listing.

If this sounds complicated, it’s really not. This is an example of doing the opposite of what other agents are doing to benefit your client.

This is just one of many strategies Proctor teaches the agents he trains from all over North America. Hundreds of his students have grown high 6-figure and even seven- and eight-figure businesses under his tutelage, including Sarah Reynolds, the No. 1 KW agent in the world.

“To really succeed at this business,” said Proctor, “you need to learn how to work on your business versus just in it. If all you’re doing all day long is real estate agent things, that’s all you’ll ever be. You need to learn instead how to move the needle. Not just be a better ‘agent’ but learn how to become a better marketer. In my experience, the agents I work with are intelligent and dedicated and skilled—but that in and of itself isn’t enough. You need to learn how to market and grow your business, and that’s where I come in.”

An important strategy Proctor teaches agents is how to create omnipresence in their marketplaces. Not the vanity, glamour advertising kind of presence that doesn’t offer prospects any meaningful benefit, but unique selling propositions, or USPs, that essentially answer the prospect’s question, “Why should I do business with you versus any other option including doing nothing at all?”

“If you don’t have a good answer to this question,” said Proctor, “you’ll always have a lead generation and listing problem.”

Proctor teaches agents how to create a benefit-rich omnipresence by harnessing easy social media strategies that any agent can master.

“Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., have leveled the playing field,” said Proctor. “Anyone can jump online for very low cost with copy or image or video posts but it’s tough to gain any real traction if you don’t know how to properly harness these platforms. We teach agents how to gain critical mass by creating custom audiences based on engagement. For example, you could set it up so that Facebook pixels anyone who watches 50% of one of your videos, and if you put out great content that truly benefits your prospects, they will watch. You’re not selling anything. You’re just positioning yourself as the expert and helping people. Once they watch, however, the algorithm automatically places them within your custom audience so now you have the opportunity to retarget them with more content including offers that result in prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them. Most real estate agents don’t know how to do this because they’re still stuck in the world of knocking on doors, giving gift baskets to past clients, handing out business cards, etc. We show agents a better way so that buyers and sellers are coming to them. No more chasing. No more prospecting.”

Proctor is conducting a live, three-day virtual conference—the Millionaire Agent-Maker SuperConference—from March 19-21 during which he will dive deep into these strategies and much more.

He’ll lead agents through three key systems that were not only responsible for his own massive success as Canada’s top agent, but also the success of thousands of agents across North America. While most of the online conference is taught by Proctor himself, he’ll also interview several of his most successful members to give attendees a broader understanding of how to incorporate these systems in their own businesses.

“What you’ll get are the details of how to actually do what we teach,” said Proctor. “What technology do I need? How do I run the ads? What mistakes to avoid? It’s intense, that’s why it’s three full days.”

For a limited time, interested agents can access the Early Bird price of $189 before the price goes up. By registering as an Early Bird, agents will also receive $5,850 worth of bonus items including Proctor’s PowerPoint Listing and Buyer presentations, swipe files of successful marketing, his one-hour business plan and more.

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