Distrikt Breaks Ground for Trailside Residences in Oakville

Construction has officially begun on  Trailside as well as the Trailside 2 . zero   by  Distrikt Developments   and  Fiera Properties   in Oakville, with a past ground breaking ceremony celebrating the start of labor for  the  Kirkor Architects -designed master-planned place on Dundas Street West. Composed of two mid-rises on Dundas experiencing with  several blocks of two-storey townhomes, the community is part of being an intensification of this whole area of Oakville, with mid-rises to eventually selection the north side of the thoroughfare.  

The ground breaking celebration was came by (left to right documented in image below) Jeff Weller, Supervisor Vice President, Laurentian Bank; Marcus Boekelman, Vice President Real Estate Development, Distrikt; Henry Simcox, CEO, Distrikt; Rob Burton, Mayor of Oakville; Emil Dosis, President, Distrikt; Ian Scott, Professional, Fiera Properties Limited; Leonard Scomparin, Director of Construction, Distrikt; and even Eric Kuzuian, Partner, Austin Birch.

Distrikt Trailside, Oakville, Fiera, Kirkor Architects Ground breaking to find Trailside in Oakville, image using Geoff Fitzgerald

A statement issued times Distrikt co-founder Emil Toma actually even scans, “As Oakville maintains its position the truth is most ideal places to live in the GTA, we’re excited about the growth happening in your community, particularly in Oakville’s designated domains for intensification. Until recently, Oakville has been largely overlooked by the multi-residential development industry. But we see a town that has established itself to provide a thriving place to live, offering the number one of retail, dining, public settings and an unbeatable outdoor lifestyle. Functioning forward to continuing to build and pursue Oakville. ”

Distrikt Trailside, Oakville, Fiera, Kirkor Architects Trailside 2 . 0, appear courtesy of Distrikt/Fiera

A total of 700 condominium and townhome residences think you are built across the site, while all of the mid-rise buildings is set to include in excess of 15, 000 ft² of rooms and outdoor amenity spaces and as well , ground-floor animation in the form of boutique store spaces like  cafés, galleries and so work-live studios. Residents will also work with personalized  smart-home technology known as  “Distrikt AI” that connects all of them with  all of the services and creature comforts offered while managing in-home abilities and much more.   The community is now  over 80% pre-sold.

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