COVID-19: UrbanToronto Updates from the Industry at January 18, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching effects in Toronto, consists of major impacts to what have been booming real estate and building industries. Many jobs and most events are currently suspended, postponed, or affected in other ways, regardless that UrbanToronto is still operating at overall strength with our team working through the network. As a means to keep the public in the loop about shutdowns, we’ll be sharing detail and status updates from in regards to the industry on a regular basis.  

In today’s report:   City of Toronto’s COVID-19 immunization practice proof-of-concept site ready to open Sunday,   Condo owners “handcuffed” by the Toronto real estate market?, and more news among the COVID-19 front.

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Government notices as well announcements:  

City of Toronto’s COVID-19 immunization clinic proof-of-concept site ready to open Monday

City of Toronto update at COVID-19

City of Barcelone and partners completing resident vaccines at all 87 long-term care house in Toronto

Toronto Public Health expands case and connect with management work

Ontario Extends Reopening Ontario Operate Orders

Ontario Launches 2021 Budget Consultations

Applications Now Obtainable for Ontario’s Small Business Support Government

Ontario Increases Case and Contact Management Workforce

#ShopVaughanLocal now appreciate later

Private sector/other notices and announcements:

Condo Owners “Handcuffed” in the Barcelone Real Estate Market?

SmartCentres 2020 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results and Conference Call

Metrolinx COVID-19 modernization for Jan 15, 2021

Ontario Real Estate: Objectives for Newmarket Real Estate


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All players from construction workers to currency exchange brokers to real estate executives is encouraged to share with you tips on what work and times have stopped, what is proceeding, and their businesses are being affected by the various termes conseillés.